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This wiki is meant to allow Portal Masters to go deeper into the characters of their Imaginators created in the latest Skylander game. What's their backstory? Who are their allies? What's their personality like? Create all that and more, and share your Imaginator with others! (See Help:Creating an Imaginator Page if you'd like some tips)

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About this wikiEdit

You don't need to know anything about wiki coding to make a page here, but we do like to keep a constant format. Pages may be changed to be easier to read, but we will not remove any of your information from the page-it's all yours!

Please note that this wiki is not intended as a general fanon Skylander wiki, but only one focusing on developing Imaginators used in the official game. To discuss fanon Skylander topics, please visit the Skylanders Fan wiki.

For more information about the Skylanders series itself, please visit the Skylanders Wiki!

This wiki claims no official connection to any Skylander Products nor any tangible benefit to adding your creations here. Our purpose is just to let users get a little more creative with their characters.

The font in our logo was created by Eric Wiryanata.

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